Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates

The best regions for plant and harvest of Mazafati dates are south of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Bam Mazafati dates review

Gilda Company is the biggest exporter of Mazafati date to all around the world. What are Mazafati dates?

Bam Mazafati dates are one of the dates produced in Iran. This type of date is not considered a dried fruit due to its high humidity.

Bam town is the biggest Mazafati dates producer in our country. This has excellent Mazafati dates.

These dates have black and thin skin. The most suitable temperature for keep Mazafati dates is -5 to +5 Degrees Anders Celsius.

Mazafati bam dates skin has separation ability. They have palm sap.

Mazafati dates nutrition

Mazafati dates are one of the palm dates that contain different types of vitamins and minerals. They have an important role in human health.

Mazafati dates benefits are Strengthen muscles, chest and lung treatment, back and joint pain cure. Researchers say that eating fresh dates is very good for excessive fatigue due to fasting or heavy activities. You can eat this with dairy products, such as milk, and see the incredible effects.

Mazafati dates nutrition value

Nutrition Facts for a Serving Size of 2 ounces are Carbohydrates 42g, Sugar 38g, Fiber 4g, Protein 2g, Calcium 40mg, Iron 0.4mg, and Calories 156.

This value for one date is 23 Calories, 7 g Carbohydrates, etc.

So you’ll notice it has very high Carbohydrates and sugar value.

Features of Mazafati Dates

These dates contain mineral and variable vitamins. There is potassium in dates, cause of diarrhea cure. This fruit is very popular and demand in IRAN and another side of the world. The color of it is black or dark brown. The quality size of it is 2.5 to 4.5 centimeters. Some people think about rotab and dates are one thing. But rotab is the first level of maturation dates. This type of date shifts from red to black during maturity. Iranian mazafati dates can act like medicine for someone. Because the nature of dates is warm.

Bam Mazafati Date Types

1-Fresh Dates / Rotab Dates

Rotab dates have Moisture Max 16-25 percent, which packs in small cardboard boxes of different weights. You can keep fresh mazafati dates in the Refrigerate at a temperature of 3-5 degrees Celsius for 12 to 18 months.

2-Semi Fresh Dates

This one has Moisture Max 15-20% percent. Usually, it packs in 5kg cartons.


Dry mazafati date has Moisture Max 16% percent. It has the lowest amount of moisture.

Mazafati date harvesting time

This time starts from August, lasting until the end of October. The Mazafati dates maturations at the end of the season.

health benefits of Mazafati dates

Some of the benefits are mentioned here. For example:

Mazafati dates have vitamins and potassium which them very useful for nervous system health and functionality. Also, it improves the speed and alertness of brain activity.

Other benefits of Mazafati dates are anemia treatment. Because it has a high level of iron.

The relationship between dates and diseases

This fruit has very many benefits for us, for example, treatment and help to reduce the sign of some diseases. Cancer, cardiovascular and digestive diseases are a sample of these diseases. Cancer is a malignant disease. This has unnormal growth of cells. Free radicals after metabolic activities, damage body cells and causing cancer. There are many types of cancer. Symptoms are depending on the type.

Date fruit and Cancer

This fruit is rich in effective nutrients for preventing and reduce cancer. Vitamin C contained in bam dates has antioxidant properties and essential for cancer.

Magnesium also helps in the absorption of vitamin C. Vitamin E and C have an important antioxidant role. They are protecting body tissue from the damage of oxidation so it’s good for preventing and reduce Cancer.

Effects of date nutrients on the heart

You can soak dates for every night, crush them in the morning and then use them. This positive effects on weak hearts.

Dates, in addition to having other vitamins, have fiber and potassium.

Mazafati Dates support your heart with natural fibers. They are suitable for strengthening heart muscles. Dates are fat-free and they won’t add to your cholesterol.

Mazafati dates supplier

Gilda Company is one of the most prominent and the largest supplier of the Mazafati Date Fruit in Iran. It was established with over a decade of brilliant activity to provide and supply various fresh kinds of the date fruit, fresh and dried Dates in Iran and other countries.

Mazafati dates price

The variation price depends on the producer company and the type of dates. Mazafati dates Iran price for 1 kilogram is equals 550 rupees in India.

Mazafati dates exporter in Iran

Fresh Iranian Mazafati dates have the largest share in domestic markets. Due to the growth of production in recent years, this product has been able to shine in foreign markets. IRAN is an exporter of this product to European countries. Usually, Northern European and North American countries including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Germany, and Canada, The main importers of this fruit are to their country.

Sale of Bam Mazafati dates during Ramadan

One of the most appropriate Months of the year for selling dates is Ramadan. Every year, our country Assigns a large amount of this crop to storage for this month.

One of the traditions of our country this month is to eat dates during Iftar. You can start your Iftar by eating 2 to 3 dates. One of the most important causes of headache or dizziness during Ramadan is low blood sugar. That is why dates are the best option.

Bam dates vs Medjool dates

Medjool dates are the best source of Selenium, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium. Medjool dates contain beneficial plant compounds to prevent DNA damage, regulate hormones, reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system.

Medjool dates are very soft, but ordinary dates need to be slightly soaked in water. In terms of nutritional value, they are similar to ordinary dates. Ordinary dates are high in fiber, fat, and protein. Mazafati Date fruit is very good for us. The color of Kimia date is solid black or brown. any other colors show that the date is not ripe.

Which brand Mazafati dates is best?

You can buy all dates from Amazon. Gilda company is the best for buy Mazafati dates in IRAN.

Mazafati Kimia dates

Mazafati dates are famous to Kimia dates. These dates are in very high demand in IRAN.

Rotab is also called Mazafati Rotab in our country, but Rotab means the stage of dates before they are fully ripe.

most people in India call Mazafati dates Kimia dates. Kimia dates are only produced in Iran. You can find the best quality Kimia date in Bam city. Also, You can find second-grade Mazafati dates in Jiroft, Iranshahr, Baravat, Narmashir, Rigan, etc cities.

Kimia Date Calories

A calorie is a unit of energy. When you are searching for Kimia Date calories, then, 100 g of Kimia Date contains around 0.15-grams fat,74.97 grams of carbohydrates, 1.81 grams of protein, 6.7 grams of dietary fiber, also it has about 300 energy and113 grams of sugar.

Features of Mazafati dates seed

These seed are contains 7.17-9% moisture, 65.5% carbohydrates, 0.89-1.57% ash, 1.82-5.2% protein, 6.4-13 6% fiber, 6.8-9.32% fat.

Kimia dates seed have high antioxidant activity cause of flavonoids and phenolic compounds.

This seed has medicinal and therapeutic properties. The oil obtained from this seed has many properties. Daily consumption of black seed oil, strengthens the immune system.

This oil can also fight infections. Black seed is a powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment. Recent research has confirmed many of its health benefits. According to recent research by the University Jihad of Khuzestan Province on date seeds, it has been shown that date seeds contain between 8 and 10% of oil. We can use it for detergent and cleaners for the raw materials industry, such as soaps and shampoos.

Iranian Mazafati dates usage cases

In recent years, the production of food from dates has increased. You can use it to produce a variety of cakes, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, etc. Many athletes and students use food items such as palm dates to strengthen and improve their bodies and brain. Dates have a natural amount of sugar that makes a person happy and refreshed.

Which brand Mazafati dates is best?

Gilda company is the best for buy Mazafati dates in IRAN.

Are Rotab and Mazafati dates the same?

No, rotab is the first level of maturation dates.

How many types of Mazafati dates do we have?

There are 3 types of these dates contain Rotab Dates, Semi Fresh Dates, and Dry.

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