Date paste

Date paste

what is date paste and? Gilda Date Manufacturing Company produces various dates pulm such as date paste, chips date, Mazafati dates, Barahi dates &, etc. This is a new product from raw and dates pieces. Date paste is a popular vegan ingredient that adds natural sweetness to your products. If you are looking for a date paste supplier, contact Gilda date Company.


What is the Date Paste?

date paste is a semi-solid compound that is first nucleated to prepare the best quality dates. The shell is then separated from the dates, crushed and uniform, and after adjusting the moisture content of the product, is exported as the date paste. This product is rotated after controlling the moisture content, which should be between 2% and 5% and stored as a paste.

This product is obtained by industrial and semi-industrial methods from different date varieties, following a working process as follows:

  • Disinfection
  • Grading
  • Adjust the humidity
  • Capping
  • Nucleation
  • Remove wastes
  • Pasteurization
  • chopping
  • Homogenizing raw materials
  • Add emulsifiers
  • Final homogenization

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Date Paste Supplier

Some of the dates like Shahani dates, Mazafati dates, and others are converted to date paste by special machines after the above steps.

Date paste is a processed product of dates without any preservatives, and abnormalities. This product is very nutritious and completely pasteurized.

The black pulp comes from black dates and brown pulp comes from yellow and brown dates. You can also add other natural ingredients such as sesame, hazelnut, pistachio, almond, walnut, and so on to get a different taste and more.

This product, as one of the most important products made from dates, is widely used in the food industry today and can be a very good alternative to sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is also a very nutritious ingredient that can be eaten not only as a breakfast and evening meal but also as a seasoning or marmalade for producing pastries, cakes, and even for cooking some foods.

Its industrial uses include confectionery, baking cakes, and chocolate making, biscuit and pancake industries, specialty halva baking kitchens, sweets and chocolate and truffles, and sweet products. , Dairy and ice cream industries, and so on.

One of the most popular souvenirs in some provinces of Iran, including Kerman and Kermanshah is date paste bread which has become popular throughout the country due to its high popularity, production, and industrial production and has created a high consumption market for this product as well as date bread. This product has a high nutritional value and contains high fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins as well as no fat.


Why Date Paste?

Many of us cannot use dates naturally and routinely. Sometimes this problem is due to allergy to date palms or may be due to various reasons. Even many of us cannot eat dates easily with food. It is not an easy task to crush or crush the dates every time and use it for baking food and pastries and cakes.

Date paste is a simple and very affordable way to use dates in baking various foods including pastries. When you use it you can easily slice this into a simple, nutritious sandwich for your sweetheart to eat as a snack and use it for your child’s superb nutritional growth and intelligence.

You can even use it as a natural sugar in baking other foods without having to prepare the dates each time. Keep in mind that it is a fresh date product that uses no natural ingredients. Produced and the same dates with probably one or two nutrients added value that can easily guarantee your health. Generally, it has many properties and characteristics similar to dates. For this reason, it is recommended to use palm as sugar in many foods and see its effect on your weight, strength, and vitality.

huge impact on lowering your blood cholesterol:

Date pulp The fiber contains a large amount of soluble fiber in the heart. This fiber increases the level of positive cholesterol in the blood and at the same time reduces and controls the negative blood cholesterol.

strengthens bones:

Date pulp is made from a large number of them and as you probably know, dates contain a lot of minerals like selenium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and calcium. All of these minerals are important for the body to keep bones healthy and prevent osteoporosis.

Improve digestive problems:

When using the date paste as a natural sweetener, you not only get rid of the harmful substances of sugar and other artificial sweeteners but also get the soluble fiber your body needs. Fiber combined with the magnesium in this paste date accelerates the metabolism and drainage of the intestines and eliminates the problem of constipation. Also, it eliminates gastric acid secretion and sourness in the absence of allergy to date.

Help eliminate anemia:

Date paste is a plant source of iron that can prevent deficiency in the body. Women should consume two to three spoons of it during pregnancy. The high amount of iron found in dates, along with vitamins C and D, not only improves the blood supply and strong vigor and immunity but also contributes to skin health by providing a resilient structure to the skin.

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Date paste to improve body immunity:

Not only date paste prevent many diseases due to the large variety of antioxidants in it, but also for cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, and thoracic and throat pain, to improve colds and a variety of diseases. Infectious, for the treatment of fatigue and lethargy, for weight gain or weight loss and many other benefits and properties.


Gilda date paste is made in the best quality dates and due to its low humidity, it has high shelf life under normal conditions and can be stored outside the refrigerator for one year. Due to its easy formability, this product can be packed in a variety of cartons and containers. It can also be stored in containers made of polymer materials, and aluminum sheets allowed for food. So never worry about the date paste supplier.

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