Export Barahi dates

Export Barahi dates

export barahi dates is one of the best ways to sell on the market that should be managed properly. Gilda dates company is proud to present the best export dates in Iran and worldwide.

The initial capital needed to export a variety of dates is much higher than the range of ordinary sellers, so it is not in their capacity to export. The high initial cost of exporting dates is so high that it is not easily marketed.

 Export Barahi Dates from Iran

barahi dates are among the most favorable international trading dates whose main origin is Abadan – Khorramshahr.

Export barahi dates have been on the rise in recent years and have benefited export companies well.

This date is a soft date palm and its oval shape is fruit which can be consumed in all three phases, including dates, dates and dates.

Abadan dates are high quality and suitable for export. But the lack of proper marketing has made this product even less available in the domestic market.

Barahi Dates Iran

To export varieties of dates, we must first raise the quality of the varieties and, after quality assurance, manage the varieties of the finest varieties to be offered in different markets.

There are 500 types of dates produced in Iran, 100 of which are produced in Khuzestan province. Plum dates that are abundant in the province are also exported to other countries. Barahi dates are one of the date varieties that have an almost thin skin, a very soft mantle and a small, almost spherical core.

barahi dates are mainly produced in Khuzestan province and due to the good quality of this province, they are exported to European countries and England which has attracted many fans.

Is it possible to export food products abroad?

As you may be aware, dates are a fresh quality food and consumable ingredient that should not be left out of any way. For this reason, the manufacturers of this product have started to produce a lot of it, until they start exporting it to other countries.

Dates are considered one of the best human food products due to their high energy and many properties of popular fruit in the world.

Date cultivation in Iran goes back to ancient times. There are many dates in Khuzestan in Iran such as Abadan.

With its almost round sweet taste, these dates have found a lot of fans not only in Iran but in the world.

Tabby Dates

export barahi dates are the most delicious dates and are very popular in Khuzestan and Bushehr.

This arrangement is not limited to Khuzestan and Bushehr and is one of the most popular dates in the region.

The storm means the extreme amazing, and the storm is called the hot wind.

Barahi dates cook at the height of intense heat, and its taste is surprisingly good.

The date palms are very dusty.

The rhubarb is yellow and its dates are light brown.

Its skin is partially separated from date palm.

The texture has a soft texture and its water content is slightly higher than the semi-arid dates.

Barahi is one of the best dates for Arad dates.

It goes without saying that kebabs are also very supportive and they are better in taste and use in dates.

Characteristics of date calculator

The caramel taste of dates is a very delectable and pleasing design.

Alongside tea, coffee and milk are very nice.

Date is a nice and tempting design.

The high nutritional value of barahi dates has made it a wonderful snack for breakfast and snacks.

Dates can replace attractive sugars with industrial sugars, and instead of the huge loss of sugar, you can benefit from the nutrients of dates.

export barahi dates in extreme heat and dates are late.

Properties of many date palms

  1. High energy
  2. High vitamins and nutrients
  3. High fiber
  4. It has a profound effect on the health of the body.
  5. barahi dates are wonderful and tasty for pregnant and lactating women, children and the elderly.
  6. It is very useful for heart, brain, memory strengthening and fatigue relief.
  7. High amounts of vitamin B in dates help treat migraine headaches.
  8. High fiber dates are very useful in improving the digestive system.
The bottom line is that

Suppose you want to identify good dates when you smell or see them when buying dates. But until you taste it you can’t tell if the dates are good.

Depending on the type of dates you can experience and see, it is a good date. But seeing or smelling it can not determine its quality because the taste of dates is very important.

Hence, Dahlia dates have the ability to be exported due to its excellent taste.

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