Export dates

Export dates

Export dates as one of the economic wings of the country have always contributed greatly to exports. Gilda exporter date precious fruit of paradise in our country is very diverse. Date palm is a plant of palm trees whose edible fruit has a hard core, thin skin and a sweet and very tasty taste that hangs in the form of large clusters of branches.

The palm tree can reach a height of 20 meters. Dates are grown in major parts of northern Nicaragua, including Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states, the US and North Africa. Rut is a pre-ripening stage that has more moisture and less sugar. Variety of dates include Pyaram, Rabbi, others, Mazafati Dates. In 2007, the date of production was over 7 million tonnes.

Export Dates from Iran

Iran can be considered as one of the countries with favorable conditions for date growth. These conditions are so favorable for the growth of high-quality dates that we can hardly say that such harmony and provision of suitable conditions have been mentioned anywhere in the world.

Since these conditions provide the basis for better growth and more variety of dates in Iran, we can make the best and most desirable products. Parsim dates and Mazafat dates are among the most popular Iranian date palms.

Therefore, high quality Iranian date palms are not found anywhere in the world, because cultivation and well-prepared conditions for the cultivation of these dates are only possible in some parts of Iran and can be productive and fruitful.

Many countries are trying to realize some of the good quality of Iranian date palms in their produce, if this is not possible, and because of poor cultivation conditions.

Since the purchase of dates from Iran by European countries has been and is always present, the majority of these countries seek for the unique quality and taste of Iranian dates. Now it’s interesting to know that a country like India has had the most purchases of dates from Iran. These countries are looking to buy dates from Iran because European countries do not have adequate weather conditions, so it is not possible to cultivate dates. So they buy dates not only in high tonnages but also in bulk and in bulk so that they can be exported to other countries as well as meet the needs of their own country.

So many companies are active in the field of dates. Atieh Arg Atbin Co., a brand of Gilda, is one of the largest export mazafati dates in Iran which has gained a high position in the Iranian and world market using the latest technology and experienced specialists.

Export Dates Iran

Iran’s export share in the world market is over $ 1.4 billion, with the largest exporting countries being the United States, Egypt and Iran. Growth in palm exports over the last four years represents more than 10% growth. Manufacturers of this product have been able to export their products to international markets by applying proper marketing and packaging principles.

International Marketing of Export Date

Export dates marketing is focused on the community with a goal of small retail and chain stores in developed and developing countries around the world.

Many manufacturing companies around the world have focused their marketing strategy on digital marketing. Every year, online sales are up 15 percent year-over-year. This figure shows that many business owners are thinking about using digital marketing capabilities.

Date Export Company

But the key point is, what are the characteristics of a date company that can, in the long run, give people the confidence and satisfaction they need to deliver high quality products?

These features can be described as follows:

  1. Having all the standards of the Ministry of Health
  2. Having all national and international licenses and Halal badges
  3. Ability to send order at high rate
  4. Packed with all export standards
  5. Having an official license from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade
  6. Equipped with dedicated refrigerators for storing date products
  7. Quality assurance of products
  8. Having the ability to vacuum products

This is a brief summary of the features that lead a company such as Atie Arg Atbin (Gilda exporter dates) to succeed in exporting and making stunning progress.

In addition, the experts of a company in the world markets, international trade, as well as the laws governing the import and export of countries should be fully articulated.

Up-to-date packaging as well as attractive designs also play an important role in international sales and exports.

Iranian dates have been exported in bulk in recent years due to weak exports and the name of Iran was not valuable to this product. Today, the packaging industry has made significant progress in the form of attractive and varied packaging.

Atiehgg Atbin, a trademark of Guilda, has been able to export dates to many parts of the world, with many years of experience in exporting dates and packing dates, as well as having all the features of a leading export company.

With this in mind, Atieh Organ Atbin Company has been able to be one of the top exporting companies by offering and selling premium and high quality dates in beautiful and up-to-date packaging.

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