Export dough date

Export dough date

Export dough date Along with the export of dates, from Iran to overseas markets is very common. Dates in addition to their original form are used in the form of date pulp and date sap, which are exported in bulk and packaged.

The largest market for date palm production in Iran is in the tropical regions such as Kerman and Hormozgan, but the industries dependent on date pulp production are far from the harvest site.

One of the largest companies producing and exporting date pulp in Iran is Atieh Arg Atbin Company, which is proud to serve our dear compatriots and foreign customers online.


You can contact our experts to order Gilda products through the communication channels listed on this site.


Export Dough Date

The consumption of date pulp is in both domestic and industrial sectors.

Household Consumables like:

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Making homemade pastries

And industrial uses include:

  • Confectionery
  • Biscuits, muffins and dates
  • Dairy industry
  • Ice cream industry
  • Types of Halva
  • Production of lavash
  • Baking chocolate

Export date palm to different parts of the world


khamir khorma - Export dough date

Iranian dates and other products made from dates such as date chips are exported to 72 countries and are very popular.


Gilda Company has provided date pulp and various other date products in person and with the ability to ship to all parts of Iran.

This product is exported in different packages as well as in bulk.

It may be interesting to know that although Iraq has been one of the leading producers of dates in the past, Iranian date and date palm products have entered the market and gained most of their share, as a major conquest. Be it.


Iran is known as the second country producing dates and its products after Egypt.

The sale price of date pulp varies depending on the type of date used and the type of brand.


This price difference is especially high in bulk date paste products. It is worth mentioning that you can obtain this product through Gilda’s site, removing intermediaries and buying cheaper and direct from Gilda’s Dates.


Types of dates used in date pulp production include:

Gilda dough varieties are manufactured using all standards and complete hygiene. This product is very energetic.

Ingredients for date paste are pure dates that are 100% natural and anesthetic to the body.

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