Export Estamran dates

Export Estamran dates

Export Dates palm is one of the most popular and yet the most popular date palm products in Iran, mainly planted in Khuzestan and southern cities of Iran. It is exported to all over the world by Guilda dates exporting company.

Export Estamran Dates from Iran

Colonial dates or dates other than semi-arid or semi-humid dates are classified as less than 18% moisture. This has contributed to the better and longer-term storage of these dates and has provided easier conditions for exporting this product.

These dates can be easily stored in normal conditions in a covered warehouse for up to 15 months and do not require abnormal temperatures.

One of the major problems in selling these dates is the lack of proper packaging and preparation equipment.

But at Gilda Dates, most of the colonial dates are packaged in 5 or 10kg cartons easily and completely sterilized. These cartons are laminated.

Due to this storage feature, ease of transportation and easy maintenance, colonial dates are easily exported and large quantities of these dates are exported from Iran to other countries annually.

The export rate of the colonies and its customers

In total, about 45 percent of these dates are exported and are the most economical and cost-effective type of Iranian date palm for global and domestic consumption.

The main customers of dates are colonizers of European and North American countries, especially Russia. Due to the popularity of these dates in other countries, high levels of sugar and low cellulose. Arab countries and European countries such as Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and… are the largest customers of this type in the world and the market for these dates is very prosperous in these countries.

The export value of this product is very high and therefore of great economic value.

Other dates in Iran

Shadegan is one of the cities in which colonial dates are widely cultivated and the quality of these dates is very high.

Other happy dates have a special place among colonial dates. According to the latest information, about thirteen and six hundred acres of land in this city are covered with palm trees or palm trees.

Features of colonial dates

Due to the high sugar content of these dates, it can be easily dissolved in water and used with tea or other beverages. Of course, this type of dates is also used to produce sweet or drink types that can be classified into natural sugars if used for production.

According to experts, the dates contain over 75% sugar and people with diabetes or diabetes should be careful about their consumption.

The date palm is often grown in Khuzestan and accounts for about 70 percent of the palm trees in the city. The harvest time of these palm trees is late September and early October.


Properties of colonial dates

Dates are generally recommended as a super tasty food.

It has a high nutritional value and is very useful.

Colonial dates are also high nutritional dates which due to their variety of vitamins, high sugar, minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus as one of the best dates especially for children and their snacks. Be it.

These dates are high in antioxidant dates, which is considered an anti-cancer substance. Magnesium in these dates is very effective for people with digestive problems as a food digestor, and iron in these dates is also useful for people with anemia.

The high sugar of these dates also helps athletes get the energy and calories they need for an intense workout, so most sports coaches familiar with these dates as a daily snack recommend this to their students. they do.

These dates are easy to pack and transport, and can be easily transported or stored with simple refrigerator-free containers over long distances. Due to the low sap of these dates, insects should be kept in their storage environment.

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