Export kabkab dates

Export kabkab dates

Export kabkab dates belongs to the kabkab dates produced in Bushehr province. The third largest producer of barbecue dates in Iran is the province. Which accounts for about 15% of total date production in Iran.

export kabkab dates

Kabkab dates are exported dates of Iran which have two types of Rotab and khark. When these dates are fully ripe, their color is dark brown and yellowish in color at Kharg and Rotab . So that it caresses the eyes and throws the mouth into the water.

Among the well-known dates, kabkab dates are very popular.

Kebab, Zahedi and Haj Bagheri are a variety of dates produced in Dashtestan, Tangestan and Dashti in Bushehr province. The moisture content of kebab is about 18%.

Dashtestan occupations have long been agricultural and date kabkab is the most important agricultural product in the area. This product has an important role in the economy of this city, province and country.

Fars province is the sixth largest producer of kabkab dates in Iran. The province, with about 12.5 percent of the total dates produced in Iran, produces varieties of palms with the name Shahani, Kabkab and Zahedi.

The best kabkab dates are most commonly found in Behbahan. Dashtestan kabkab dates are more juicy but smaller in size.

Consume kabkab dates

This product is a very delectable rosemary that is easily watered when a seed is put in the mouth. This date palm is a kind of almond, which can be harvested in early August.

If you want to rip it completely, you have to wait until early or mid-September. If you want to consume dates, you should cook it. Otherwise it cannot be used.

The main demand for date palm kebab is Kazeroon and Dashtestan clay. These dates are among the most important export dates that import large amounts of currency annually.

kabkab dates are rich in vitamins A, B and C, which are good for boosting immunity and boosting body energy. Due to its anti-allergic properties, these dates are recommended for patients with seasonal allergies.

Features of exported kabkab dates

The size of the kebab cubes is too large, so the raw Kharg cannot be used. Therefore, it should be cooked and dried before use.

It is mostly consumed in dates and dates.

In terms of economic importance in Iran after colonial rule, Shahani and Mausafati are located.

It is one of the more varied.

The thickness of the shell in this product is thick.

The shape of the fruit is oval and the weight of each berry is about 15 grams.

Semi-dry texture and bright yellow.

Nutritional value of exported kebab dates

kabkab dates are high in carbohydrates. The only energy used in the nervous system is to conserve body protein and absorb calcium and phosphorus.

Iron found in kebab dates increases resistance and body growth. It also gives a uniform color to the skin.

Calories in kabkab dates prevent premature aging because the use of these dates prevents the process of penetration of radicals into the tissues.

Properties of kabkab dates
  1. Helps to reduce and balance weight.
  2. Good for heart health.
  3. Improves the health of bones and joints.
  4. Very useful for digestive and intestinal function.
  5. Prevents gastric cancer.
  6. Reduces allergies.
  7. It is useful for improving eyesight and eye health.
  8. Eliminates physical weakness.
  9. It calms and improves the nervous system.
  10. It is very useful for people who have anemia.

Introducing the export of kabkab dates

The size of kebab dates is larger than other dates but has a smaller core.

Dashtestan kabkab dates are exported to Central Asian countries, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and some European countries.

Sale of Dashtestan dates in Iran is very high and exported kabkab dates at Gilda Company are packaged in 10kg cartons, which has led to increased demand for exported kabkab dates.

Characteristics of kabkab dates and kabkab

The shape of these dates is either egg or oval.

  • Kharg and Ribbish date kabkab is yellow in popularity known as honeybee in the general public.
  • kabkab date palm, unlike its finished product, requires special storage conditions.
  • With the correct packaging of Gilda, it can be used throughout the year.
  • kabkab dates have no special storage conditions and have a high dry and cool temperature.
  • Approximate weight is between 14 and 16 g.
  • The kebab date palm has a higher adhesion than other dates.

The export of kebab dates is the largest production date of Bushehr province. About 75% of the date production in Bushehr province accounts for.

The production rate of kebab dates in Iran is about 4,000 tons per year, of which 2% is exported abroad

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