Export Kalote dates

Export Kalote dates

Export Kalote dates From our country to foreign countries are exported various products that can benefit the economic cycle of our country. An example of this is the export of the Calute dates, which have excellent quality.

There are many manufacturing companies in our country that export for profit. Abtiye Arg Abtain is one of the largest export companies of date palettes, the gilda brand.

It should be noted that export dates are exported to the countries mentioned:

  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • Turkey
  • Syria
  • Pakistan

Exported Kalote dates

Iran is one of the major producers of dates that offers 100 types of dates in the markets. Among these 100 samples, we would like to introduce the Calute dates, which are part of the semi-arid dates.

Collet dates or whole dates are popular dates that can be used as a healing drug in addition to being edible because they contain many vitamins and minerals.

Properties of exported Kalote dates

  1. Relaxing to the nerves
  2. Treatment of diabetes
  3. Cancer Prevention
  4. Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
  5. Fixing Osteoporosis

 export kalote dates

We have introduced the export dates of Caltech as the best product for Narin, so it has many buyers who can make lucrative deals in the market.

Export dates have attracted foreign customers in addition to attracting customers inside the country.

These dates are cultivated in an area called Jiroft in Kerman. The dates vary from dark brown to light brown, which are harvested in rosemary and semi-dried dates.

Features of Gilda Export Kalote Date

Gilda’s Kalote date products are offered in different packaging, after washing, sterilizing, sorting and vacuuming.

The general specifications of the Kalote product include:

  • In the form of cubes with no adhesions
  • Fully healthy with high durability
  • Semi-dry with high shelf life
  • Fully sterilized
  • Vacuum with advanced vacuum machine
  • No stains, crushing and scratching
  • Completely disinfectant and free from pests
Learn more about Kalote dates

Kalote dates are one of the most delicious aromatic dates of Kerman province which is mostly cultivated in the cities of Manojan, Kohnoj, Rudbar, Jiroft and Anbarabad.

Anbarabad and Jiroft date palms are one of the first dates of the Kalute dates.

Kharrot is reddish brown.

The fruit of this type is palm-shaped and relatively large, and when ripe it turns pale brown.

This date is one of the semi-arid dates.

Pollination of date palm starts in early April.

These dates are very similar to Mazafati dates.

Kalote dates are red and brown in color, and sometimes marketed as Mazafati.

The quality of the date palette varies depending on the crop, harvest time, air temperature and irrigation rate, and even color.

Typically packaged dates are packaged in 2 to 3kg or small packs of 400 and 600 grams.

These dates are cultivated in southeastern provinces in addition to Kerman province.

Most coarse-grains are offered for export.

The largest importer of date palm is Tajikistan.

Exports of cloves date to a large volume of exports to foreign countries each year.

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