Export Khasoei dates

Export Khasoei dates

Exports Khasoei dates have gained popularity in the Gulf countries, but in Europe and elsewhere they are still unaware.

Dates are one of the different types of dates produced in Bushehr province. As you know, Iran is one of the countries active in exporting different dates to other countries including the Persian Gulf countries. It is Bushehr.

Khasoei dates play a major role in supplying the country with export dates.

Export of Khasoei Dates from Iran

Despite its high price and high nutritional value, Khasoei dates are still not well known in Iran except for Khasoei and indigenous people.

Tropical date fruits are cultivated in most of the Iranian crossroads and our country is very active in exporting this product and is one of the date producing poles including Khasoei dates, Zagros foothills in Jam city, Bushehr province.

Although other varieties of dates such as kebab and pyaram are grown and produced in this city, jam is known for its special dates.

These dates are produced in addition to Jam city in Hormozgan and Khuzestan provinces.

Properties of Khasoei Dates

The fruit is harvested in September and marketed for sale. Its price changes every year.

It has smaller dates than other dates and looks like plums. Its color is reddish-brown and rich in sap and is therefore very popular at home and abroad, and accounts for a large share of date exports.

Khasoei dates are very soft, moist and more like dates, and will quickly rot if not stored below 5 degrees Celsius.

Storage and packaging of special dates

Due to the high cost of refrigeration, they traditionally reduce the moisture content of these small dates.

Due to the sensitivities of all stores and Khasoei small towns, this type of dates is not available to the public for purchase, as only those involved with planting and harvesting these dates can identify. Because of the variety of this product is high and knowing the quality of this fruit is the work of Khasoei .

One of the best ways is to shop online, with the numbers listed on the Guilda website, to make a purchase and order the product. It is both time and energy efficient and economically viable.

Top quality Khasoei dates are sold in Iranian markets without intermediaries and the sale price of specialty dates is very reasonable.

Aloe dates are available in a variety of packages and are usually exported using 3kg cartons by Gilda.

Properties of Khasoei Export Dates

Khasoei dates are among the smallest dates in Iran. These dates are rich in nutrients.

Khasoei dates have many properties for the body:

  1. Removes anemia.
  2. Reduces blood fat.
  3. Prevents tooth decay.
  4. Fiber in it is useful for strengthening the digestive system of the body.
  5. Reduces stress.
  6. Neutralizes stomach acid.
  7. Strengthens memory.
  8. Alternatives to vitamins C and D reduce skin wrinkles.
  9. It has iron and increases hair growth.
  10. Reduces fatty liver disease.
  11. Combining it with milk boosts sexual arousal.
  12. Causes muscle growth.
  13. Nymphs are very useful for children and adults, Khasoei during recovery and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Fame and fans of Khasoei dates

Khasoei dates are famous for their sweet syrup because of their high syrup.

It is one of the most popular dates in and outside Iran and has retained its sweet fans.

You might also be a fan of Khasoei dates.

It is interesting to know that certain dates are also cultivated in Behbahan and another name for this type of dates is Aloi dates. Aloe dates are known by this name because of their plum-like shape. Of course, fans and buyers of this kind of date abroad are more than inside.

Gold or light brown indicates the quality of this date.

These dates can be described as a sweet and tasty medicine.

Eating Khasoei dates with other foods like raisins, walnuts and sesame doubles the taste. It also improves the absorption of walnut phosphorus along with walnuts.

Buy a Khasoei date from Gilda

Buying is definitely a matter of precision and certainty as buying large quantities of Khasoei dates because of their freshness and high syrup is a big risk. Do the product.

It is a very tasty date with a sticky taste that you will only ever eat once you have eaten it.

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