Export Mazafati dates

Export Mazafati dates

Export Mazafati dates to about half of Iran’s production of Mazafati dates. The high production rate, the advantage of production and the unique figure of Supplier Mazaffat dates have led to the most exported dates of Iran dates and the Mazafati Rotab exports are very prosperous.

Monocotyledonous tropical dates or plant palm are among the palm trees whose edible fruit has a hard core and thin skin and sweet taste that hangs in a large cluster of branches and its leaves are large. The palm height reaches 1 to 2 meters or more.

The date range is mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere and in Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries of the Persian Gulf as well as most of North Africa and the United States and is also sporadic in the Southern Hemisphere.

The stage ripeness is before the date is fully processed, which has more moisture and less sugar than the fully ripened date. Mazafati dates are one of the most delicious and delectable varieties of dates in the world, and these dates are most commonly used for delicacy, good meat, attractive black color and relatively high humidity, between 0% and 6% depending on time. It is harvested from the tree and the place of planting.

Important date pests include date palm worm, date palm beetle and date chain.

The best and most delicious type of Export Mazafati dates are grown in Bam city in southeastern Iran. The cultivated area of ​​this date in Bam and its suburbs is about 6,000 hectares and about 2.5 tons are harvested annually. Other areas of planting these dates are Iran, Jiroft and Kohnuj in Kerman province, and Saravan and Iran Shahr in Sistan and Baluchestan province.

Export Mazafati Dates from Iran

No one else is aware of the properties of this black gold. Excellent black color, coarse size, thin and shiny skin and enough flesh have made Mazafati Rotab one of the most popular type of rotab in Iran and in the world.

Depending on the cultivated area, the moisture content of this variety varies, but it is approximately 15-30% moisture which separates it from the nuts and nuts. The size and size of the Mazafati rotab is about 5 cm, which is large in size. The warm nature of the Mazafati Dates is a great option for treating cold people.

It should be noted that unlike other varieties of dates, Mazafati rotab is free of any juice. Among all these features, what has made this crop so popular is the amount of sugar and sweet taste that makes it satisfy every taste.

Supplier Mazafati Dates

supplier mazafati dates seems to be a complete package of useful and unique properties for the health and well-being of the body and soul. The following is a summary of some of its unique benefits. supplier mazafati dates is a rich source of vitamins including A, B, C and E and also contains minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and magnesium, each of which plays a major role in the health of the human body for blood supply and vitality, enhancing the eye. And have skin rejuvenation.

Research has shown that eating this brandy in its fresh or semi-fresh form alone or with dairy products such as milk is very useful in reducing fatigue and restoring energy after heavy workouts.

In other research, the effect of Mazafati Rotab has been shown to reduce anger and relax and enhance memory. Other features of this product include improved hearing, vision, back pain, joints and anti-cancer properties that are unique in their kind.

Export Mazafati Rotab

Iran’s Rabat Industry is a lucrative and growing industry that fortunately over time, Iran has achieved a favorable position in competition with other countries.

According to the latest FAO global statistics, Iran is the second largest producer of Dates in the world after Egypt, which indicates an extraordinary opportunity for Iran to have a strong presence in the global market for bamboo Mazafati dates export . In Iran more than 242 thousand Mazafati rotab is produced annually, which due to its high quality is a major part of production of these dates for export to different countries.

Due to its high quality and taste, as well as the need for specific geographical conditions for cultivation, Iran continues to be one of the main export gateways to four continents, which fortunately has been export dates Mazafati for many years. It has been experiencing high growth.

Many countries are keen to increase their imports to the region because of their high quality, unique nutritional value and pleasant taste. India, Greece, Norway, Colombia, Kenya, Lebanon, the Netherlands are among the destination countries for export of Bam Masifa.

It should be noted that as one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Bam Mazafati Rotab with elegant, first class and packaged Iranian products, Gildadit is interacting with the destination countries and exporting this unique and unique product.

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