Export Piyaram dates

Export Piyaram dates

Export Piyaram Dates  is one of the most profitable exports for Iran. In fact, considering the consumption of Iranian date palms, the export volume of this product is insignificant compared to domestic consumption. And it is mostly used for export.

Piyaram dates are the most expensive dates in Iran.

This expensive has several reasons:

Firstly, these dates are cultivated in limited areas and have different qualities in these limited areas.

Not all harvested dates are top class in these areas.

Another factor that has influenced the price of these dates is its properties. These dates have more properties than other available dates.

The export of these dates is not unaffected by its high price.

export piyaram dates

One of the varieties cultivated in Hormozgan province in southern Iran is Pyaram Khuzma. This date, which is of excellent quality, is harvested in Hajiabad.

Piyaram dates palms are commercial and first class because of their good quality and high market value, which is a special export figure.

Exports of date palms have so far attracted the attention of world markets.

piyaram dates

Piyaram date palms are rich in sugars, proteins and minerals.

Piyaram Dates are of high nutritional value.

The energy in 100 grams of dates is 125 kcal, while 400 grams of energy per 100 grams of sugar.

In addition, it is a carotenoid or dye in dates that is a precursor to vitamin A and an antioxidant that prevents cell damage and cancer.

In addition to the above, the date palms provide a significant amount of folate, which is needed for the body to bleed.

Piyaram dates are in the dry dates category, these dates are brown in color. The skin of these dates is completely intertwined with its core.

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