Fraud case(English)

1.5 million dollar scam! Is Indian police involved?

About our company:

Atieh Arg Atbin Company is a reliable exporter of date products in various qualities and has been exporting dates in Iran for about 15 years. Mr. Amirzadeh and his wife Mrs. Marzieh Vahman are the owners of Atie Arg Atbin and Gilda brand.

What happened (from the words of Mr. Amirzadeh):

Gaining trust to defraud us
1- Gaining trust to defraud us:
ax1 - Fraud case(English)

In 2017, our company got acquainted with Krishi Kripa, Teli Traders and Mr. Devkumar Takkar DK, and in 2017 and 2018, we made several dates sales transactions worth about 1,960,000 million dollars with these companies. These companies were doing business with several other Iranian companies at the same time. All the funds received by us from these companies were initially all in cash in dollars and at the door of our factory, and there were no problems or miscalculations during these few transactions. Even in some cases, these companies paid us the contract amount before receiving the shipment of dates. Therefore, we had full confidence in these companies.

Table 1- Names of fraudulent companies and responsible persons in them



Name of person


Krishi Kripa

Aditya Chirimar


United Traders

Farid Teli & Saad Teli


Teli Traders

Farid Teli & Saad Teli


Variety Impex

Sunil Kumar


Galaxy Export

Viral Shaileshbhai Tanna


Dates Kingdom

Devkumar Takkar DK

Teli Traders - Fraud case(English)

Teli Traders info in website

Attracting more trust
2-Attracting more trust
Devkumar Takkar DK - Fraud case(English)

In 2018, the company of Mr. Devkumar Takkar DK from Dates Kingdom, who had won the trust of our company with his previous cash purchases and cash payment at the factory door; He introduced us to two people named Farid Teli & Saad Teli from United Traders and Teli Traders companies as importers and wholesalers of dates in India. According to the trust we had in Mr. Devkumar Takkar, we fully accepted him and the other two mentioned companies as major date traders in India and they made some cash purchases at our factory, the pictures of which are also documented. Farid Teli and DK used to track the orders and pay me in Iran, which I later found out during my research that they were doing their business illegally in India as well, and they were laundering money and evading taxes through cash receipt purchases.

Devkumar's Facebook Account

The start of the big scam
3- The start of the big scam:
Telli - Fraud case(English)

In 2019, three companies, Teli Traders, United Traders, and Krishi Kripa, cooperated with each other and ordered 27 containers of dates of different qualities. And we sent them the dates. With great insistence, they invited us to India after receiving 27 containers. It was supposed to be settled by him in maximum 2 months.

Farid teli and I - Fraud case(English)

We also went to India at their insistence. When we went to India, Farid Teli and his son Saad Teli along with Devkumar in their meeting with us on 14.01.2020 did their best to gain more confidence. When we requested payment for the previous shipments, they announced that our brand of dates (Gilda brand) was in high demand in the Indian market, but since it is sold on credit in India, they assured me that all loads have been sold to customers. And soon they will receive the amount and after that they will pay us and with this excuse they asked us to send more dates. So they requested 23 more containers from us.

Farid Teli in My Factory warehouse - Fraud case(English)

According to them, the main reason for this order was the approach of Ramadan and the high demand for dates in India. They also tried to gain our final trust by showing their office which was inside the Vashi-APMC Market. According to the trust we had in these companies, we loaded the quantity of dates they requested and sent them to India. Also, they announced the names of Variety Impex and Galaxy Exporters as the receiver and requested that the shipment documents be issued in their name. The agreement of this order was signed by me, my wife, Farid Teli, Saad Teli and Dev Kumar, which you can see in the uploaded file below.

Me and Farid Teli when he invited me to India - Fraud case(English)

After loading and sending the cargo of dates, during the contact we had with him, about 10 days after sending the whole cargo, it reached him, and the uploaded documents can be seen in the following section. At the time of the contract we had agreed that the final payment would be made within 40 days after the last shipment arrived. But they kept delaying this payment on various false pretexts. One of his most important excuses was the lock-down of customs and imports due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus (Corona) in India. Later, new games were started for non-payment by these people. For example, they admitted that for some reason they want to hand over the contract amount to us in cash to avoid paying taxes to the Indian government.

Download Full Scanned Documents(259 Pages): Click here.

Starting a complaint through the Iranian consulate in Mumbai :
4- Starting a complaint through the Iranian consulate in Mumbai:
Alikhani - Fraud case(English)

Finally, after they didn't give us the money for about 6 months, I filed a complaint through the Iranian Consulate in Mumbai (with the Consulate General of Mr. Alikhani). In October 2020, my wife and I had a meeting with Farid Teli and Saad Teli on 12.10.2020 and it was agreed that they would pay part of the debt. But a few days later, they completely rejected the meeting and the terms of the meeting and the deadline for payment.

console - Fraud case(English)

Download Full Scanned Documents(259 Pages): Click here.

Initiate complaint through Navi Mumbai Police
5- Initiate complaint through Navi Mumbai Police
mumbai police 1 1024x569 - Fraud case(English)

We approached the Indian Police to pursue our complaint and submitted our complaint to the Navi Mumbai Police. It was decided that within 14 days, the police would follow up on the case, but strangely, we were not given any information. The police did not make any effort to solve this problem and even kept the case silent. Yet another question remained unanswered for me: Did the Navi Mumbai police act fairly in my case or did they favor Indian businessmen for some reason? Why?

Download Full Scanned Documents(259 Pages): Click here.

Download the Police Complaint document: Click here.

Falsification of documents in Jabal Ali Port, Dubai
6- Falsification of documents in Jabal Ali Port, Dubai
alkabira 1024x552 - Fraud case(English)

After some time, an email was sent to us from the Iranian consulate, which showed that Farid Teli and Saad Teli had forged documents with the cooperation of Al Kabira General Trading LLC in the UAE, which showed that the date shipment originated in Jebel Ali, UAE, instead of Iran. It is clear that these documents are fake for the Indian government. For example, in the bills of lading presented by these companies to the Iranian consulate, it is quite evident that these bills of lading are fake and they can be easily compared with the same number of the bill of lading and the number of the original container. And also the failure to present the certificate of origin by these people was another reason for their false claim. What was strange was that even though it was clear to the Navi Mumbai police that the documents submitted by Farid Teli and Saad Teli were fake, still the police remained silent and did nothing. Iran Chamber of Commerce, which is a government institution, has also issued a letter with full details regarding this case. Therefore, by analyzing all the attached documents, it is clear that the cargo was loaded from Iran to India.

As seen in this link, one of the biggest business partners of Al Kabira General Trading LLC is GALAXY EXPORTS. This document specifies the connection and complicity of these fraudulent companies. Also, in addition to us, this company has defrauded many companies in Iran such as ARSHA TANDIS MEHR OFOGH, TANIN MEHRAD PARDISAN and ROHAM TEJARAT SABZ ASTARA CO.

Galaxy - Fraud case(English)

Download Full Scanned Documents(259 Pages): Click here.


Other documents and findings
7-Other documents and findings
Imran - Fraud case(English)

The analysis of documents and documents attached in these reports shows that Farid Teli, Saad Teli, Dev Kumar run the mentioned companies and they are all involved in this fraud case. Also available is an audio file of me along with my translator and Dev kumar proving this partnership and corporate leadership. Also I have found through my own sources that a close relative of Fari Teli and his associates and DK named Imran Teli has been arrested by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) which is also available from the Hindustan Times page. I put the news link in the previous section.

To see the original news about Imran Teli on the official website of Hindustan News, click here.

Download Full Scanned Documents(259 Pages): Click here.

Download the Police Complaint document: Click here.

My situation now
8-My situation now

Because of this huge scam, I have a lot of debt. My country is a long time friend of India and I request you to help me in getting my money. Therefore, please handle the above issue personally and deal with all the above cases according to the law. Due to the commission of a crime that according to Indian law, sections 34, 120A, 120B, 405, 406, 409, 420, 465, 468, 471 and Indian Customs Act, sections 104, 135(1)(a), 135(1)(b) ) be punished. This complaint was written by me in Iran in Farsi language and then the content of this complaint was translated into English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Chinese, Nepali, Arabic and Burmese by the translators of the company.

From whom do we expect help?
9-From whom do we expect help?
Mahatma Gandhi getty compressed 1024x576 - Fraud case(English)

I am begging all those who compassionately move in the path of justice and fight against corruption in India and all over the world to take care of my case and fight against the corruption that has plagued the country of India, so that the eternal name of the great political and spiritual leader of India ( Mahatma Gandhi) and the beautiful country of India should not be tarnished in the international community. A copy of this description of events and its complete documentation will be sent to the following persons and organizations:

9-From whom do we expect help?

Societies and foundations:

  • Directorate General of Foreign Trade(DGFT)
  • Directorate of Revenue Intelligence ( DRI)
  • Maharashtra Police
  • Navi Mumbai Police
  • Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
  • India Anti-Corruption Branch of Directorate of Vigilance
  • India Anti-Corruption Committee
  • India Anti-Corruption Foundation
  • Transparency International India (TII)
  • Anticorruption India
  • Anti-corruption foundation
  • Anti-Corruption Foundation of India
  • United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
  • National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)

Anti-Corruption Police stuffs of Maharashtra state:





Pin Code

Bhargavee Arun balsane





Chandrashekhar Devendra Bhavsar





Mahesh Ashok Golande

Kandivali police station




haji khalid usman

mahim police station




Neel thakkar

Mulund mumbai









Harsh Vora





Rizwan shaikh

Santacruz East Vakola Police stn




Sachin Nehe





Nikita Verma

Kharghar Police station









Loukik bora















Sachin Parse

Keshav nagar, pune




Ranjeet Kamble






dapodi pune




Rajendra Patil












Cabinet Ministers of India:

Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman

Minister of Finance; and Minister of Corporate Affairs

Shri Narendra Singh Tomar

Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar

Minister of External Affairs

Shri Piyush Goyal

Minister of Commerce and Industry; Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution; and Minister of Textiles

Dr. Virendra Kumar

Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment

Shri Pashu Pati Kumar Paras

Minister of Food Processing Industries

Shri Kiren Rijiju

Minister of Law and Justice

Shri Bhupender Yadav

Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change; and Minister of Labour and Employment

Shri G. Kishan Reddy

Minister of Culture; Minister of Tourism; and

Minister of Development of North Eastern Region



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  • Sudhanshu Trivedi
  • Arun Kumar Jain
  • Gen. B.C. Khanduri
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  • Shri Arvind Menon
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  • Shri Ashok Koul
  • Shri Ashwani Sharma
  • Shri Avinash Rai Khanna
  • Shri B. S. Yediyurappa
  • Shri B.L. Santhosh
  • Shri Babulal Marandi
  • Shri Baijayant Jay Panda
  • Shri Balasubrahmanyam Kamarsu
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  • Shri Bhabesh Kalita
  • Shri Bhagwat Saran Mathur
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  • Mathrubhumi
  • Rashtra Deepika
  • Thejas
  • Kesari
  • Lokmat
  • Deshdoot
  • Loksatta
  • Mahanagar
  • Maharashtra Times
  • Nava Kaal
  • Prahaar
  • Pudhari
  • Saamana
  • Sakal
  • Tarun Bharat
  • Poknapham
  • Vanglaini
  • The Samaja
  • Samaya
  • Sambad
  • Dharitri
  • Pragativadi
  • Punjabi Tribune
  • Ajit
  • Rozana Spokesman
  • Jagbani
  • Daily Punjab Times
  • Dinamalar
  • Dinamani
  • Dinakaran
  • Dina Thanthi
  • The Hindu
  • Tamil Murasu
  • Andhra Bhoomi
  • Andhra Jyothi
  • Andhra Prabha
  • Andhra Patrika
  • Eenadu
  • Mana Telangana
  • Namasthe Telangana
  • Nava Telangana
  • Praja Shakti
  • Janam Sakshi
  • Sakshi
  • Suryaa
  • Vaartha
  • Hind Samachar
  • Munsif Daily
  • The Musalman
  • Siasat
  • Urdu Times
  • The Inquilab
  • Financial Chronicle
  • Sudharma
  • Sakaal Times
  • Sanmarg
  • Organiser
  • Panchjanya
  • Rising Kashmi

Newspapers of Bangladesh:

• Amar Desh (Bengali: আমার দেশ; “My country”)
• The Bangladesh Observer,
• Kishore Bangla
• Daily Banglar Bani,
• The Kohinoor
• The Daily Star
• The Financial Express
• Daily Sun
• The Daily Observer
• Dhaka Tribune
• New Age
• The Independent

• Ajker Kagoj (Bengali: দৈনিক আজকের কাগজ; “Today’s Paper”),

• Jaijaidin
• Daily Naya Diganta
• The Azadi
• The Daily Sangram
• Ajker Patrika
• Forum
• Dhaka Courier
• Holiday
• ICE Today
• Weekly Blitz
• Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)

• Priyo
• United News of Bangladesh
• BBC Bangla
• Bangla Tribune
• Dhaka Post
• The Bangladesh Today

• Bangladesh Pratidin
• Prothom Alo
• Kaler Kantho
• Jugantor
• The Daily Ittefaq
• Janakantha
• Samakal
• Amader Shomoy
• Bhorer Kagoj
• Manab Zamin
• Alokito Bangladesh
• The Sangbad
• Daily Inqilab

Newspapers of Nepal:

• Gorkhapatra (गोरखापत्र)
• The Himalayan Times
• Janakpur Today
• The Kathmandu Post
• Himalaya Times
• Annapurna Post
• Majdoor

• Naya Patrika
• Nepal Bhasa Patrika
• República
• The Rising Nepal
• Jana Aastha National Weekly
• Nepal Magazine
• People’s Review weekly

• Himal Khabarpatrika
• Nepali Times
• Saptahik
• Nari
• Rajdhani
• Mithila jagaran
• Duniyakokhabar Saptahik

• Annapurna Post
• Image Khabar
• Online Khabar
• Nepal Rastriya dainik
• Nepal National Daily
• Nepalkhabar
• eKantipur

Newspapers of Sri Lanka:

• Resa
• Rivira
• Sathi Aga Aruna
• Silumina
• Sudar Oli
• The Sunday Leader
• The Sunday Morning
• Sunday Observer
• The Sunday Times
• Thamilan
• Thinakaran
• Thinakkural
• Uthayan
• Virakesari
• Randiwa

  • Sathhanda
  • Siyadesa
  • Aloka Udapadi
  • Budhusarana
  • C3 Magazine
  • Daily FT
  • Echelon
  • Gnanartha Pradeepaya
  • HE
  • Kalaikesari
  • LMD
  • Mahamegha
  • The Messenger
  • Namaskara
  • Ada
  • Aruna
  • Daily Mirror
  • Ceylon Today
  • Daily News
  • Dinamina
  • Divaina
  • The Island
  • Lakbima
  • Lakbima News
  • Lankadeepa
  • Mawbima
  • The Morning
  • The Nation
  • Ravaya

• Navaliya
• Nesan
• OSL-THE Investment Magazine
• Sarasaviya
• Sothida Kesari
• Tharunie
• Torque & Throttle Magazine
• Vaikarai
• Vidusara
• Wijeya

Newspapers of Bhutan:

• Bhutan Observer
• The Bhutan Times
• Bhutan Today

• Bhutan Youth
• The Bhutanese
• Business Bhutan

• Druk Neytshul
• Druk Yoedzer
• Gyalchi Sarshog

• The Journalist
• Kuensel
• Bhutan News Service

Newspapers of Myanmar:

• Kyemon (The Mirror)
• Myanma Alin (The Light of Myanmar)
• Myawady Daily
• New Light of Myanma
• The Yadanabon
• 7 Day News
• China Daily Global Edition
• D-Wave
• Daily Eleven
• Empire Daily
• Golden Fresh Land
• The Messenger
• Myanmar Business Today
• Democracy (ceased publication in 2019)

• The Myanmar Times
• The Standard Time Daily
• The Straits Times Myanmar Edition
• The Union Daily
• The Voice Daily
• The Yangon Times
• A-Myin-thit
• BiWeekly Eleven
• Burma Today
• The Commerce Journal
• Education Digest Journal
• First Eleven
• Myanmar Freedom Daily
• The Nation
• The Worker

• Flower News
• Frontier Myanmar
• Internet Journal
• Kanaung Journal of Industry and Commerce
• Kumudra
• Hmukhin Shudaunk
• Myanmar Business Today
• Myanmar Digest
• Myanmar Post
• Sunday Journal
• Premier Eleven
• Popular News Journal
• The Guardian

• Seven Days News
• Seven Days Sports
• The Voice Weekly
• Weekly Eleven
• The Irrawaddy
• Zay Gwet
• Pyi Myanmar News Journal
• Good Health Journal
• The Tanintharyi Weekly
• Mizzima News Agenc
• Mandalay Gazette
• Freedom News Group
• The Botataung
• Daily Sport Journal[citation needed]

Newspapers of China:

• China Daily
• China Economic Daily
• China Education Daily
• China News Digest (Hua Xia Wen Zhai)
• China Public Security Daily
• China Youth Daily (Zhongguo Qingnian Bao)
• Economic Information Daily
• The Economic Observer
• Global Times
• Gongren Ribao
• Guangming Daily
• Legal Daily (Fazhi Ribao)
• Nongmin Ribao (Farmers’ Daily)
• People’s Court Daily
• People’s Daily (Renmin Ribao)
• PLA Daily (Jiefangjun Bao)
• Reference News
• Anhui Daily
• Hefei Wanbao
• Beijing Daily
• Beijing Daily Messenger
• Beijing Entertainment News
• Beijing Evening News
• Beijing Globe
• Beijing Morning News
• The Beijing News (Xin Jing Bao)
• Beijing Portal
• Beijing Ribao
• Beijing Times (Jing Hua Shi Bao)
• Beijing Today
• Beijing Youth Daily
• China Newsday
• Freezing Point
• Legal Mirror (Fazhi Ribao)
• A Liar’s Digest
• Chongqing Daily
• China High Tech
• Chongqing Evening News
• Chongqing Globe
• Chongqing News
• Chongqing Today
• Common Talk
• Fujian Ribao
• Gansu Daily
• 21st Century Business Herald
• Dongguan Times
• Guangzhou Daily
• Guangzhou Metro Daily
• Guangzhou Morning Post
• Information Times
• Panyu Daily
• Shenzhen Daily

• Peninsula City News
• Peninsula Morning News
• Shenyang Wanbao
• Times Business Daily
• Shaanxi Daily
• Sanqin Daily
• Chinese Business View
• Xi’an Daily
• Xi’an Evening News
• Sunshine Daily
• Tongchuan Daily

• Shenzhen Dushi News
• Shenzhen Economic Daily
• Shenzhen Evening News
• Shenzhen Special Zone Daily
• Shenzhen Youth News
• Southern Daily
• Southern Metropolis Daily
• Southern Weekly
• Xin Kuai Bao
• Yangcheng Evening News
• Zhongshan Daily
• Guangxi Daily
• Guizhou Business Daily
• Guizhou Daily
• Guizhou Provincial
• Huaxi City Daily
• Haikou Evening News
• Hainan Daily
• Nanguo Metropolis Daily
• Hebei Daily – CCP official paper
• Hebei Youth Daily
• Shijiazhuang Daily
• Yanzhao Evening Post
• Yanzhao Metropolis Daily
• Harbin Daily
• Heilongjiang Morning Post
• Central Railway News
• Dahe Newspaper
• Luoyang Daily
• Chutian Metro Daily
• Hubei News
• Wuhan Evening News
• Wuhan Morning News
• Xianning Daily
• Changsha Evening News
• Hunan Daily
• Sanxiang Metro News
• Xiaoxiang Morning News
• Hohhot Evening Post
• Hohhot Morning Post
• Hulunbeir Daily
• Inner Mongolia Daily
• Northern News Daily
• Northern Family Daily
• Wuxi Daily – Wuxi
• Xinhua Daily
• Yangtse Evening Post – Nanjing
• Yangzhou Ribao
• Nanjing Morning Post
• Information Daily
• Jiangnan newspaper
• Jiangxi Daily
• China Jilin
• Jilin News
• Today New
• Dalian Daily
• Dalian Evening News
• Liaoning Daily
• Liaoning Farmer
• North Morning News

• Baoji Daily
• Xianyang Daily
• Weinan Daily
• Dazhong Daily
• Jinan Daily
• Jinan Times – daily
• Life Daily
• Qilu Evening News
• Qingdao Daily
• Qingdao Globe
• Qingdao News
• Shanxi Daily
• Chengdu Economic Daily
• Sichuan Daily
• Trust Post
• Jin Wanbao
• Tianjin Ribao
• Lasa Evening News
• Tibet Broadcast
• Tibet Daily
• Qapqal News
• Xinjiang Daily
• Xinjiang Economic Daily
• Xinjiang Newspaper
• Qianjiang Evening News
• Zhejiang Daily
• China Business
• China Business News
• China Economic Times (Zhongguo Jingji Shibao)
• China Financial News
• China Stock News
• Chinese Business View
• International Business Times (HK English)
• National Business Daily
• Xinhua Business Weekly
• China Information World
• China PC News
• IT Business Information
• IT Management
• PC Professional China
• PC World
• Programming and Maintenance
• Oriental Sports Daily
• Soccer News
• Sports China
• Titan Sports
• Hong Kong Commercial Daily (香港商報)
• Hong Kong Economic Journal (信報財經新聞)
• Hong Kong Economic Times (香港經濟日報)
• Kung Kao Po (公教報)
• Ming Pao (明報)
• Oriental Daily News (東方日報)
• Passion Times (熱血時報)
• Sing Pao Daily News (成報)
• Sing Tao Daily (星島日報)
• Ta Kung Pao (大公報)
• Wen Wei Po (文匯報)
• The Epoch Times (大紀元時報)

• Dot Dot News (點新聞)
• HK01 (香港01)
• am730
• Headline Daily (頭條日報)
• Vision Times (看中国)
• Career Times
• China Daily Hong Kong Edition
• South China Morning Post
• The Sunday Morning Post
• Young Post
• The Standard
• Sunday Examiner (Roman Catholic)
• Hong Kong Free Press
• Asia Times
• Hong Kong Post japanese
• Suara
• Jiefang Daily (Liberation Daily)
• Shanghai Daily
• Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury
• Shanghai Morning Post
• Shanghai Post
• Shanghai Star
• Oriental Morning Post
• Wen Hui Bao
• Wenhui Book Review
• Xinmin Evening News (Xinmin Wanbao)
• Youth Daily
• Yunnan Daily
• Chuncheng Evening News
• Yunnan Economic Daily
• Nations Times
• Dianchi Morning News
• Dianzhong New Area News
• Yunnan Tourism & Culture Times
• Yunnan Information
• Yunnan Legal System
• Kunming Daily
• City Times
• Qujing Daily
• Yuxi Daily
• Baoshan Daily
• Zhaotong Daily
• Lijiang Daily
• Pu’er Daily
• Lincang Daily
• Chuxiong Daily
• Honghe Daily
• Wenshan Daily
• Qidu Evening Post
• Xishuangbanna News
• Dali Daily
• Dehong Unity News
• Pauk-Phaw
• Nujiang News
• Diqing Daily

Newspapers of Iran:

• آسیا روزنامه اقتصادی
• آذربایجان (روزنامه چاپ تبریز)
• آرمان امروز
• آفتاب یزد
• آفرینش
• اتحاد ملت
• ابرار
• ابرار اقتصادی
• ابرار ورزشی
• اطلاعات
• اطلاعات روز
• اعتماد
• افتخار
• انتخاب
• ایران
• ایران فردا
• بامداد
• بانی‌فیلم
• توس

• تابناک
• تماشا
• تهران تایمز
• جام جم
• جامعه
• جمهوری اسلامی
• جوان
• جهان صنعت
• حیات نو
• خبر جنوب
• خبر ورزشی
• خراسان
• خرداد
• خورشید
• دنیای اقتصاد
• دنیای حقوق
• راه مردم
• رسالت
• روزان
• زن
• شرق

• شهرآرا
• شهروند
• شیرازنوین
• صبح امروز خراسان رضوی
• عصر آزادگان
• عصر رسانه
• عصر ما
• فرهیختگان
• قانون
• قدس
• کسب و کار
• کلید
• گسترش تجارت
• گسترش صنعت
• کیهان
• مردم امروز
• مردم سالاری
• مواجهه اقتصادی
• وطن امروز
• نسل فردا
• نوروز

• نیم نگاه
• هفت صبح
• صبح امروز
• همبستگی
• همشهری
• هم میهن
• یاس نو
• هفته‌نامه شهروند
• روزنامه امین
• ایران سپید
• ایران دیلی
• اقتصاد کیش
• سراج
• یاقوت وطن

• ستاره صبح
• سرمایه
• ستاره ایران
• سلام
• سیاست روز

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    iran dates

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    Iran Dates Supplier

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    When is the best time to eat dates?

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    Dates benefits

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