Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates, which is known as ‘Mazafati’ or ‘Mazafati Rotab’ and appointed to ‘Bam’ a city in Kerman province, is one of the Iranian date products. Due to the high moisture content, this type of date is not considered as nuts. The dates should be kept at -5 to +5 ° C. temperature. The ripe Mazafati dates are dark purple in color tending to black, shiny, soft, fleshy and full of syrup. Moreover, Mazafati Rotab can be easily peeled.

How to determine the quality of a good date?

The quality of dates is typically determined on the significant quantity of the syrup.

Due to its high syrup, each box of Mazafati Rotab weighs over 10 kg. Bam Mazafati dates help relieve diarrhea and restore the digestive system to its normal balance because of the high potassium content. One thing to keep in mind is to wash the dates thoroughly before eating them since the dates syrup is sticky and can absorb any kind of pollution.

The Mazafati Date, also known as Kimia and Mazafati Rotab, is one of the Iranian Dates Production. Because of its tasty and affordable prices, this date is widely consumed in the world,In Iran, it also has many consumers. Mazafati Date are produced only In Iran.

Mazafati Dates

In order to understand the difference, we need to know there are three stages of date harvest or ripening. The third stage is called Mazafati Rotab. This is technically the stage when dates are fully ripened with the highest moisture and they are soft melt in mouth and has a caramel like flavor, which is low in sugar.

Harvesting Mazafati Dates

Harvesting is usually done by male workers traditionally in the rigid baskets made of the midrib of the palm leaves. The dried down dates will be collected by male or female workers. From the moment the dates are harvested, they need a refrigerated container made of plastic with ventilation holes for being transported. 80% of the produced Mazafati dates are transported by trucks or vans to cold storages available in Bam.

Major problems at this stage are:

  • Expensive shipping costs
  • Waste during shipping
  • Not packing
  • Dates Proper loading and unloading

Dates packing and processing plant is one of the most prominent date marketing services. This operation of date packing plants is considerably performed in the refrigerator storages by the female workforce. Though with some variation in size and shape, basically the box is holding from 250 g to 1 kg of dates.

Mazafati dates packs, intended for domestic use, or for exports, may vary widely in size, shape and material.

To be added here, for going into date packing, for exports in particular, a raw material, constant in quality and desired quantity should be reassured. However, the major concern of packages is poor sanitation facilities as well as the right packaging principles and standards in the region.

supplier mazafati dates

Ripe dates contain potassium by nature, which is known as an effective way of easing diarrhea. One of the most important and major products of Iranian dates can be called Mazafati Rotab dates. These dates are soft ones. Bam dates are in high demand both domestically and internationally.

The ripe Mazafati Rotab are dark purple in color tending to black, shiny, soft, fleshy and full of syrup. Depending on the harvest time and planting area and field, Mazafati dates’ moisture varies and the size is usually between 2.5 and 4.5 cm.

Mazafati Rotab are the most well-known types of dates which  are sometimes called ‘Rotab’ by mistake. In fact, ‘Rotab’ is the ripened fruit of the palm tree. And dried Rotab turns to dates. For example, as sour grapes, grapes and raisins are of the grapevine plant, Khalal (also known as Yellow Crunchy Dates or khark),Mazafati Rotab and dates are considered as of palm tree which should be kept in the refrigerator.

Mazafati dates maximum consumption

Dates have high impressive levels of iron and natural sugar which is beneficial for many different health problems.

It is interesting to know that most of the annual Mazafati dates domestically sale is in the holy month of Ramadan. Since many people fast _ Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk_ in Ramedan according to the Islamic customs, Therefore, they might lose energy as well as hyperglycemia throughout the day. At Iftar _ the fast breaking meal_ they need to use the right nutrient, which can quickly restore both the lost energy and the lost sugar to the bloodstream. So, Mazafati Rotab are the best choice.

Mazafati dates features

All Mazafati dates in storage should be stored at appropriate conditions and standards of the day at the suitable temperature in order not to cause the dates to rot or lack of proper nourishment. In addition, the Mazafati Rotab nutritional value is determined when it reaches the consumers.

Nowadays due to being overload with work and sedentary life style, many people do not spend enough time to have lunch during the day, which dates can be a very good substitute although having lunch is extremely important to human health. Thus, the people can provide needed energy for the rest of the day by having a few Mazafati dates. They would also pay a low price for replacing their meals with dates.

Gilda, the largest Export Mazafati Dates Company

Mazafati Rotab

These dates are most commonly called Mazafati Rotab. Many people know it as the name of Mazafati Rotab . Many dates have their own names. In many parts of the country, mazafati dates is just the word rhubarb, which is interesting in its kind.

The color that people love for these dates and many buyers prefer it is black. And even darker blacks affect the sales of this product. However, these dates are also available in brown and dark brown. Because these dates are red in the first step for ripening. It's interesting to know that as you grow up, it turns black.

The dates are warm and most people are cold. Especially those who have problems. They can use these dates as a medicine. In addition to its properties for their body, they can be used as a medicine for physical health.

Many dates can be stored in the open air and in the room. But the storage conditions are somewhat unique. It is recommended to store these dates for consumption, at home and in the refrigerator. Whenever you want to use, remove the dates from the refrigerator three hours earlier and then consume it.

Mazafati dates Has some moisture. These two bodies should be excessive, not to our own ancestors, but the moisture content in these dates has added a property to which one consumer may be certain that this is the same classification change in dates. Moisture has caused Mazafati dates to fall into the food category, which is remarkable in itself.

Export Mazafati Dates

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