Most expensive Export dates

8 February 2020
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Most expensive Export dates

Mojol dates (Iran’s most expensive export dates) are the most expensive dates in the world! Sweet dates are one of the sweetest date varieties which are considered to be the highest quality and highest quality varieties in terms of quality. And for this reason it is known as the king of dates. The indigenous palm tree is a Moroccan palm tree. The date palm palm is the most expensive export date in Iran.

What is the most expensive export date for Iran?

One of the most important and most important products of Iranian date palm can be called Mazafati dates. These dates are soft dates and are in high demand both domestically and internationally. The color of the dates is generally dark purple and black and has a very good meat, nectar and taste. The amount of moisture in the crop varies depending on the location of the crop and the crop. The size of the premium type of Mazafati dates is between 2.5 and 4.5 cm.

Features the most expensive export dates

In addition to its sweet and delectable palate, it has a distinctive (7 cm) appearance compared to the rest of the dates. These types of dates are considered to be the dates of the soft dates. However, the date palms are harder and more elastic than the soft palms.

This distinctive feature of the date palms has made it commercially recognized as the top date variety.

Adjustable dates are remarkable in terms of consistency and durability.

As it is very resistant to drought and salinity, it is able to remain in low-water or dehydrated soil for long periods after sufficient root strength and growth.

Among the adaptations of this plant it can be noted that it is also resistant to severe temperature drop and tolerates several degrees below zero.


Iran’s most expensive export date

For the past five years, the Ministry of Agriculture has sought to import dates from Africa into Iran.

Therefore, after the product was imported to Iran, scientists and researchers conducted various tests and experiments as well as evaluating vegetative and reproductive periods of permitted dates and conducted a test of cultivation of these dates.

According to a report released by the Fars News Agency, Mojul dates were selected as the world’s first commercial variety. This product became known as the king of dates due to its very large fruit (size 7 cm) and brownish-brown in color.

expensive gildadate 1 - Most expensive Export dates

Iran’s most expensive export date in Jahrom

After continuous efforts by researchers in Jahrom Research Centers, as well as in order to undertake corrective measures for planting this type of dates, the date allowed in Jahrom since 2016 and to all gardeners and farmers as the highest quality. The most consistent date varieties were introduced.

Iran’s most expensive export date in Bushehr

According to reports released by IRNA, it was also found that 10 percent of imported date palms were planted in four areas of Bushehr.

After harvesting these dates, the results show that farmers are satisfied with the good quality and quality of the permitted dates.


Now that Bushehr province is considered one of the date poles in the country, more than 6 million palm trees have been selected as marketable and quality products of Bushehr province.

So farmers are looking to increase the cultivation of this valuable crop. In order to promote the beneficial cultivation of permitted dates, the following should be observed in order to cultivate a high quality crop:

  • Considering and providing suitable planting and harvesting conditions
  • Providing favorable weather conditions for good growth of date palm
  • Avoid cultivation of this crop with other citrus fruits because of the difference in water requirement of these dates with other trees
  • Extreme attention to the basic methods of tissue culture and proper reproduction and normalization of the product
  • Use of pollination method
  • Use of pimples to reproduce the plant
  • Use of tissue culture (most appropriate culture)

Although farmers have been able to cultivate this valuable crop through many years of experience, but due to declining technology advances, farmers need to be consulted with researchers in these areas, in accordance with the above-mentioned principles and principles. And expert experts, working together to enhance the development of this valuable product (licensed dates), not only in the mentioned provinces, but throughout Iran.

Global Position of Dates

Since the date palm is popular and recognized as the most popular and most famous date varieties in African and European countries (due to hot weather), this product is called the most expensive date palm. This product, which is one of the indigenous products of African countries, after various researches and tests on it, due to the resistance of its palm plant to harsh weather conditions and its adaptation to other palm countries including Iran, It is rarely planted and harvested.

Learn more about dated dates

As well as having a very delectable sweet and fleshy fruit, you can’t overlook the beautiful appearance of this palm! This palm-tree palm beauty is so permissive that it is ornamented in some palm-tree areas.

Among the semi-arid date palm cultivars in the country, we can refer to the date palm. As stated, permitted dates have become popular in the world and are marketed as the most expensive dates while having high global value.

It should be noted that the largest date-producing country in the world is Egypt, after which Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq have made up this huge portion of production. It is noteworthy that the level of cultivation of date palm varies in different countries, and even in Iran it is higher and higher than Egypt.

But due to the use of lower-yielding varieties in Iran, it has become the second largest producer of date palm.

Dried dates are considered the sweetest date.

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