Piarom dates

Piarom dates

Piarom dates are one of the most valuable dates in Iran from the commercial and economic point of view and have a very good market abroad. Many of these dates are exported to many countries annually. My date palm has a thin skin attached to the fruit. These dates are classified as semi-wet or semi-arid. Has a dark brown or dark color. The skin is wrinkled hard on the fruit. Which makes the appearance of the fruit more pleasant.

These dates have high sugar. But the type of sugar is fructose, which helps both metabolism and the body itself.

Like dates, other dates should be thoroughly washed before use. One of the features of this date is its easy washing.

Piyarom Date - Piarom dates

History of Piarom dates

Piarom or Pyarom is the name of one of the varieties cultivated in Hajiabad city of Hormozgan province. Iranian date palms are also the most expensive dates in Iran. My dates are commercial and first class. Due to its good quality and marketability, it is a special export dates. This product has already attracted the attention of global markets so far


The thin skin of these dates is dark brown. Given that the meat and skin are completely attached to each other, it has a nice looking appearance and the washing process must be thorough when consumed.

Since most of the sugar in the date palm is fructose (fruit sugar), it is easily and rapidly used in metabolism. And those who have eaten these dates once, because of their wonderful taste, good appearance and other nutritional properties, are usually a permanent consumer of these dates.

Dates are rich in sugars, proteins and other minerals and are of high nutritional value. Due to its high tolerance to water and soil salinity, it has been cultivated in a wide area of ​​Hajiabad Gardens in Hormozgan.

The villages of Sarchahan, Tazraj, Maadnouieh, Shahdadi, Barabatab, Lower and High villages, Jarar, Dagah, Gahkam, Ganj, Seyyed Jozar, Jain, etc … in Haji Abad city, are the main production points of Parmam dates.

Piarom dates in the world market

Piarom dates are commercial and first class dates which is a special category of export dates due to their high quality and marketability. My date palms have so far attracted the attention of world markets. It has the largest customer among export dates.

The prices of date palms are higher than other dates, as well as the most valuable dates in the world and Iran, which has led exporters to export dates on a large scale.

Planting date palms

My palm trees must pollinate the palm clusters to bear fruit. This is also the case with most palm trees, of course. Usually pollination time is late winter and early spring, in March and April.

My body changes color in early August and turns yellow. That gets a little out of place at this time, and gets sweeter. Then, in early September, the dates turn brown and gradually turn to rhubarb.

Date palm is a delicious and nutritious date palm and among other varieties, is known as the highest quality date or date palm.

Of course, fewer date palms are harvested and mainly allow the palms to lose some moisture. In late September or early October, depending on the region or village where the dates are planted, they harvest the ripe dates.

Packing Piarom dates

My dates are usually packed in large cartons. Its packaging is traditional in Haji-abad itself.
This has made it difficult for many to sell and market this product, despite the exceptional quality of the dates.
In this regard, using the most advanced harvesting and packing machines for date palms, Gilda dates manufacturing company packs it according to the highest international standards. It has been able to sell these dates well and in the highest quality in the global and domestic markets.
One of the main requirements for packing and storing dates is the storage conditions, which can have a significant impact on the quality of sales of this product.
It is best to keep these dates in a cool environment and away from moisture. Therefore, by providing the best storage and storage conditions, then separating and packing dates, Gilda Dates has taken a big step towards satisfying customers and maintaining this valuable product as much as possible.

Properties of Date Palm

Date palms It is rich in sugars, proteins and minerals. Dates are of high nutritional value. At 5 grams of palm dates, it has 5 kcal, while at 2 grams of sugar, there is 2 kcal of energy, which means that the amount of energy you get from eating simple dates is much less, and much less than sugar, It makes people overweight and obese.

For example, in 5 grams of regular sugar and sugar, 1.5% of its pure energy is consumed, while in 5 grams of palm it contains about 5% sugar and the rest contains other ingredients including Different substances are different proteins. 5 grams of dates contain 4.9% of high quality plant protein.

There is a significant amount of dietary fiber in my palm dates. Fiber found in dates is very good for digestive health and nutrition. In addition, there are carotenoids or dyes in the palms that are prerequisites for the production of vitamin A and antioxidants, which prevent cell damage and cancer.

In addition to what is said, dates bring a significant amount of folate, which is needed for blood supply to the body, and women are forced to take pills in addition to food folate during pregnancy.

Vitamin C is another palm nutrient that is needed to prevent dangerous bleeding diseases or ascorbate, and each person's body should receive 5 mg of vitamin C per day. Almost every 2 grams of dates contain 2 grams of vitamin C

Potassium is significantly present in this fruit, which is essential for preventing hypertension and for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. It is very dangerous to break down in the body. In addition, dates contain a significant amount of magnesium, which is essential for the nerves and muscles.

One of the properties of my date palm is its laxity. If you soak 2 to 4 dates in 2 glasses of boiling water and drink it warm in the morning and at night, you can clearly see its properties. Another property of palm dates is to neutralize stomach acid.

Export Piyaram Dates to all countries

Gilda Date Manufacturing Company, one of the largest exporter of dates, export pyaram dates Iran exports to regional and European countries. For immediate and direct purchase from the factory and wholesale purchase for export Parmesan dates Contact the following phones at the best price and quality.

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