Rabbi dates

Rabbi dates

What is your favorite date? If you want to buy or selling rabbi dates, you should know what the difference is between the dates type. In this article, we are going to share about rabbi dates with you.

What is Rabbi Dates?

The main and the most important products in Sistan and Baluchestan province are Rabbi or Pakistani. Which is economically important in this region.thre are many dates type in Iran. Imamaran dates, Shahani dates, Kabkab dates, or, Mazafati dates are known as the most important dates in Iran.

these dates are meaty and relatively large dates. The best quality of these dates is produced in Zabul and Iranshahr. The color of these dates grows to green at the ripening stage.

These dates are generally semi-arid. The palm kernel is smaller than its meat. Due to the adhesion of the shell to the core, and good texture, it is easy to wash and maintain.

At the time of processing, these dates will be full black. And sometimes it also tends to be dark brown.

rabbi dates - Rabbi dates

Appearance of Rabbi Dates

Rabbi dates look stretchy. It is semi-dry, so it’s the best way to keep it cool.

Generally, these dates harvest in mid-September. Which also lasts until early October.

You don’t need a refrigerator to store these dates. And a cool, dry environment should be considered. It is also best not to store for a long time like other dates.

 Kharg’s dates are red. Its color is green. And when it become more palatable, it will be black or dark brown.

These dates are soup and are recognized as the earliest dates in Iran or the world.

Exporting Rabbi Dates

Fortunately, these dates have a good export market.

Pakistani dates have less sweetness than Mazafati dates. Rabbi’s taste is also very good.

As explained, these dates have a lot of fans. All marketers make it available for sale before harvesting. Customers usually order dates for the Rabbi products about two months earlier.

Not only in Iran but also in European countries, date palm is very famous.

Much work still needs to be done to introduce these dates to global markets. Because all palm dates in the world are known as Pakistani dates.

Export rabbi dates

Properties of Rabbi Dates

estamarandate gilda - Rabbi dates

Rabbi dates Most important dates Known among the people that have many properties. These dates are always recommended because of their high volume of vitamins and minerals.

A lot of researches have been conducted for the Properties of them by practitioners of traditional and modern medicine of Atieh Organization:

These are good laxative to limit the substances that cause constipation. These dates are also high in fiber, which regulates digestion

Rabbi dates have a considerable amount of antioxidants, which are used to prevent atherosclerosis, which makes the arteries hard and blood clots.

These are great for regulating cholesterol and stress. Rabbi dates are full of minerals such as magnesium, selenium, manganese, and calcium that are very beneficial to bone health. By consuming only 3 to 5 dates per day, you will avoid lowering your blood sugar. Because these dates are rich in useful sugar and potassium. Rabbi dates are very beneficial for sexual health and pollen is used in traditional medicine to treat male fertility. Potassium in dates is useful for treating diarrhea.

Along with all these benefits, it should have a positive impact Rabbi dates on brain function and health, prevent cancer, increase energy Other nutrients for weight gain, preventing night blindness due to high levels of vitamin A, preventing poisoning or hemorrhoids, etc. It is also a rich source of iron that is recommended for hair health, anemia, and skin health.

Gilda Dates Manufacturing Company uses the most modern and sophisticated machines for producing, packing, and preparing varieties of dates and nuts in different ranges, and selling products in the highest quality. It is possible in domestic and overseas markets to be ready to contract and order a variety of dates, including Rabbi dates.


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