Zahedi dates

Zahedi dates

One of Iran’s most prestigious export dates is Zahedi dates or Ghasb dates, also known as Ghasb. Due to its special color, extraordinary taste and very simple storage and storage conditions, this oval date palette has many fans as one of the best-selling dates in Iran and around the world.

Zahedi dates are oval or oval-shaped. The end of these dates is slim and sharp. These dates are consumed semi-arid and khark. It has a yellowish color, which of course turns yellowish brown when it is ripe. Generally, Zahedi dates should be considered as dry dates and classified in this range.

date palm is cultivated in different parts of Iran and its palm is a palm tree resistant to different tropical climates. Mostly these dates are well cultivated in Kazeroon, Khorramshahr, Ahvaz, Qir and Karzine, Farashband, Borazjan, Bushehr, Firoozabad, Lar, Khuzestan and some other cities in Iran. In the US and Iraq, palm is also cultivated. Generally the most desirable type of Ghasb dates in Iran and especially in the city of Qirokarzine or Bushehr.

Zahedi dates are often harvested in late September, which continue until early autumn. The dates are semi-arid as described and easily fall to the ground at harvest time and are of late date palms. The dried and dried varieties are widely used but also have a dry or semi-dry type.


Iranian Zahedi Dates

Ghasb dates from the Arabic Zahedi meaning abundance and abundance. These dates have high sugar and are therefore widely used in the production of edible sugars or alcohol and vinegar. The meat of this date is 6.35% compared to the kernel. Its core is almost clinging to date meat.

Gilda Dates Manufacturing Company (Atieh Arg Atbin), as the largest company producing and packing various nuts and dates in Iran, offers the best and most desirable Ghasb dates in Iran and neighboring countries.

As explained above, these dates can be easily cultivated in many of Iran’s fertile provinces. That’s why it’s a good price. The quality of these dates varies depending on the size, meat, harvesting and harvesting conditions, and is therefore packaged as first, second, or sometimes third grade. Gilda Date Manufacturing Company (Atieh Arg Atbin) sells only the first class of these dates, the most desirable type of Zahedi dates.

Qasb dates are also cultivated in many parts of Iran, especially in Khuzestan, Fars, Bushehr and Kermanshah province. The most important area of ​​expansion is Poshtkuh in Bushehr. Zahedi palm fruit is pale yellowish, light brown and in tempura reddish-yellow to pale yellow.

It is one of the major export and export figures in Iraq. It is very high quality cultivars and has good warehousing and transportation and it is very easy to export. Ghasb dates are classified as dry dates, a late figure and a high dropout rate.

Zahedi dates are one of the dried varieties in the world. Zahedi dates are widely cultivated in Iran, such as Kermanshah Province (Shirin Palace), Khuzestan, Bushehr, Hormozgan province and southern Fars province.

Due to its relatively low price and its rich properties it is very popular. Diabetics in particular can use it as sugar. You can have a look at the price of Zahedi dates. The best type of Zahedi dates is light brown or chocolate brown. Zahedi dates or Arabic dates called Zahedi is one of the attractive dates exported to Arab countries, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Properties of Zahedi Dates

In general, dates are a very useful and nutritious fruit. For this reason, it may not be necessary to describe all the properties and properties of this fruit. Many of the benefits and properties of date palms are shared, but in each case the amount of these properties may vary depending on the date and place of harvest. But in general, Zahedi dates has the following properties:

  1. It has a lot of vitamins, including vitamins C, B1, B2, etc.
  2. These dates contain extremely high minerals, the most important of which are magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese, calcium, etc.
  3. Zahedi dates are high in fiber, so people with digestive problems should better include it in their food basket.
  4. This product controls and lowers harmful blood cholesterol and is very beneficial for heart health.
  5. The calories in it are very low.
  6. Calcium in Zahedi dates is very high and therefore beneficial to the bones.
  7. Date palms are high in date palms that are recommended for anemia.
  8. These dates have high antioxidants which are very useful in preventing the growth of cancer cells.
  9. The sugar in these dates is fructose, which not only does not cause blood sugar but also helps to lose weight.
  10. These dates make it easier to absorb vitamins and antioxidants because of their catecholids.
  11. This palm is warm and very suitable for cold people.
  12. High manganese in these dates calms the nerves.
  13. Potassium is also useful for relieving fatigue and muscle aches, especially after strenuous exercise.

Thousands of tons of Zahedi dates are harvested in Iran annually, of which a large amount is prepared for export and exported to neighboring and European countries. Iran is one of the best land for planting and harvesting due to the variety of climate and fortunately the harvest is very suitable in Iran. Bushehr, Fars and Hormozgan provinces have the largest share in the production of this product. The hot and dry climate of these regions has provided the perfect conditions for the growth of the best specimens of these dates.

These dates are known as the elixir of youth in the developed world and are in great demand. Many companies and manufacturers are packing and selling this product which undoubtedly has an advanced packaging industry and its preparation plays an important role in the quality and quality of the product, which is unfortunately very rare in Iran.

Gilda Company as one of the leading and leading companies in the production and packaging of various dates and nuts in Iran has started its activity for several years and fortunately for its use From the most standard and high quality shipping and packaging equipment has been able to provide many services in supplying these products in Iran and abroad.

Depending on the specific harvesting, shipping, packaging, warehousing and customer-centric conditions that these products have, one can honestly say that one of the best choices for buying and ordering Zahedi dates is definitely Gilda Provides storage and storage conditions in the best possible conditions and the highest standards.

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Export Zahedi Dates to all countries

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